Sunday, November 1, 2009


Distance 0km [total: minimalist 23.5km: Barefoot 24km]

Just thought I'd post a photo of my favourite (and only) VFF's.
I'm sure I'm going to add more to the collection in the future.
I still think back to how scary it was to wear them the first time, but as with all things, confidence is the trick.
I cycled to the gym this morning in them and did a workout too, including lunges.
Interestingly the first time I tried lunges (with 30kg weight) I found it hard balancing as my feet were not strong enough to keep me steady.
In just three weeks that has changes, the lunges were no problem in fact I could balance on my toe tips for the front leg.

I have been keeping up the debate about whether to call yourself a barefoot runner if you wear shoes like this.
There are practicalities that need to be addressed with being completely barefoot.
One such is that here in Adelaide we are heading into the hot period of the year and the pavements get up to quite high temperatures under the sun.
From my 30 minute walk during the week when I blistered my feet from the heat I wondered if the feet can toughen up to walk on hot surfaces.
I need to do some temperature measurements to get some hard data on how hot the pavements get.
This will vary depending upon what the pavement is made from, we have Bitumen, Brick and Concrete.
At a guess I would think that the temperatures would follow in the same order from hottest to coolest.
I'll try to get some figures and post during the week.


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