Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bindii Hazard

Distance 0km [total: minimalist 23.5km: Barefoot 24km]

Just had a walk down to the local shops, shoeless to get the feet accustomed to the hotter surfaces.
There was a nice grass verge alongside so as the feet were getting a bit hot I walked along there as an alternative, it was cool and refreshing until I stood on a patch of Bindii.
These are small weeds that grow in the winter amongst the grass, they flower and seed in the spring/summer. The seeds are small and sharply barbed.
I must have had about 50 of the things in my foot, I hopped around on the hot pavement and slowly pulled them all out, ouch.
You can see some of the seeds from Bindii weeds below, not nice customers

I don't know if thicker pads on the feet would help, maybe with some but not others.
I'm assuming that the bane of cyclists the "Three cornered jack" is of the same family. They are like natures equivalent of the police road spikes.
Which ever way they land they always have a sharp spike pointing upwards, standing on one would not be nice.
Here is a pic of my poor feet after a 1km walk on the pavements during this warm weather, maybe the VFF's might bes the best option after all.


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