Monday, November 2, 2009

Taking temperatures

Distance 3km [total: minimalist 23.5km: Barefoot 27km]

In yet another hot day when the temperature peaked at about 37C I decided to go out at lunch time to measure the temperatures of the surfaces that I would expect to encounter during running without shoes.

I used a professional digital temperature meter with thermocouple probe but I believe that the recorded temperatures would be slightly lower that actual due to not having full ground contact as the feet would.

The ambient temp at the time of measurement was 35C. The surfaces I measured were bitumen, concrete paving and brick. I was actually surprised which surface was the hottest.
I will post the figures tomorrow once I have done some analysis.

I had a short 3km run today along the beach and road, by the time I got to the beach the temperature had halved from its peak, it was now 18C and blustery as the change came through.
The pavements retained their warmth though and that was actually quite welcome.
I'm enjoying the extra senses that the feet bring of texture and temperature, all these are masked when wearing shoes.
My feet have repaired themselves from the hot bricks pavements of yesterday, the padding on the heels is getting thicker I have noticed.


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