Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Almost End of Winter

Distance 143.5km [total: minimalist 400.3km: Barefoot 7595.4km] Week22 (13th July - 17th Aug)

Saturday 18th July 13km.
As it was a cold morning with temperatures below 10C I decided to run in my Vibrams today.
It makes a real difference to my running speed as I don't have to worry about the small bits of broken shell and small stones on the beach. It also stops the cold numbing my feet like it would if my soles were in contact with the sand.

Sunday 19th July 8.2km West Lakes loop in mild sunny conditions. A cold clear night makes the early morning run cold but if I can wait until after my gym session to run then it is a little warmer.

Monday 20th July 10km. This was the only run I managed this week, every other evening was wet and cold. 

Saturday 25th July. 5km. Legs very stiff today from lunges and squats at the gym on Thursday.  A cold windy day with a very weak sun trying to break through the clouds. I set off along the beach running into the wind, my feet felt frozen after just a couple of kilometres. The sand was damp and cold and i just couldn't warm up so I decided to pull the pin on the run. I headed off the beach and onto the road to make my way back out of the wind. I ran past the millionaires row of houses by the beach, some of them big enough to be hotels. I don't know what kind of jobs these people have but they must be earning extraordinary amounts of money. 

Sunday 26th July. My 8.2km loop around the lake. The wind has changed direction  today moving from a northerly to a south wind. So the first half of the run I had the wind at my back and towards the end blowing straight at me. The hardy model sailing boat enthusiasts were in their usual position at the bottom of the lake testing their skills in the stiff breeze.

Monday, 27th July. 10km. A decent day that started out cold but warmed up to around 14C from the sun. I got out of work by 4pm and got to the beach by 4.45pm. It would be my standard 10km tonight, Grange to West Beach and back to see how far I could get before sunset. The actual sundown time is around 5.30pm so I managed to get close to Henley Square on the return journey before it dipped below the horizon. In another few weeks I should be able to get around with the sun still up.

Friday, 31st July. A day off work so I could sort out some financial issues and also a chance to get a run in before the rain heads in tomorrow. It was a cool sunny day with a northerly breeze as I set off from Grange. I ran south along the beach path and Esplanade towards the caravan park and then onto the boat launch ramp another kilometre further on. A bit of calf/ankle tightness on the right leg today, probably lack of stretching recently, I should do it very day but sometimes forget. I did hear someone running up behind me at one stage so I increased my pace and they fell off. On the way back I was heading into the wind and it felt cold. The beach sand was also cold and as it molds to the shape of your foot when you land it chills the feet much quicker than running on the concrete. After 5km my feet were pretty numb underneath. I just kept my head down and concentrated on keeping up a good form and pace. I covered around 12km today 

Sunday 2nd Aug. The rain has stopped and there is some sunshine. The cool westerly is blowing but as we are running around the lake, 3/4 of the war is sheltered. I'm running today with David and Michael. We missed out on the July run as I was away on holiday, running in warmer climes. The sun had warmed the ground a very slight amount so my feet were not as numb as the Friday run. We ran 8.2km then headed off to the Dulwich Bakery for a coffee.

Monday 3rd Aug. 10km run from Grange to West Beach and back. No more runs through the week due to cold and wet weather.

Saturday 8th Aug 16km. A long run that started as my usual beach run to Semaphore that got changed as the north wind was cold and strong so coming off the beach was the best option. I left the beach around a kilometre past Escourt House then ran towards Delfin Island via the pedestrian footbridge. It was busy along Bartley Terrace as it is the hub of Saturdays sports, Soccer, Football and bowls. It was good to get over the footbridge and into the calm of the island. A lap of the island then back along the lake in the same direction as my Sunday run. The car was parked at Henley so I had to add another couple of km on to get back.

Sunday 9th Aug. I took it nice and easy today after my long run yesterday, the legs felt ok no stiffness. The ground was still cold despite the sun shining. the wind was blowing from the south and was pretty chilly. Lake loop 8.2km.

Monday 10th Aug. A cool south west breeze was blowing on my Monday 9.5km. The sky had plenty of blue sky but in the far west rain could be seen falling over the the Yorke Peninsular. The ground soon loses the small amount of heat it picks up from the sun during the day. I have been trying to beat the sunset on most of the evening runs, this time though the clouds obscured the sunset. With around 3km to run I could see the clouds moving in but I thought I could make it back without getting wet. I was wrong, with only 400m to go the rain poured down, bouncing off the pavement. There was little point in running to the end of the course at the jetty as I was soaked, I just wanted to get into the shelter of the car. The rain continued for another hour before easing off.
Saturday 15th Aug. The weather was wet during the week so not much chance to get a mid week run in so the weekend would have to be the time. But I was pushed for time today as I had a late morning appointment so I could only fit in a short 7km run today. Out along the beach to the river then back up onto the Esplanade to run back along the concrete.
Sunday 16th Aug. A could start to the day and also wet ground made me opt to run in the Vibram Five Fingers for a change. No worry about numb feet and small stones, I could also run faster than barefoot. My lungs had to catch up with my legs today on the 8.2km run. I did some Fartlek sprints followed by a short recovery walk then a moderate jog

Monday 17th Aug. A  very nice evening, I could feel a bit of spring in the air today and my feet retained some feeling over the entire run. I had taken a pain killer earlier in the day for a bit of back ache and I think it was acting as a bit of a performance enhancing drug. I felt very relaxed as I was running and I was going at a great pace without feeling anything. I covered 10km. Even came across another barefoot runner who I have seen a few times before. As I finished my run I stopped to have a chat with him for a few minutes. His name was Mike. I did ask if he was interested in going for a monthly run with our small group but I think he decides on a spontaneous basis if he is going to run or not.  10km