Sunday, November 29, 2009

Breezy Day

Distance 8km [total: minimalist 36km: Barefoot 88km]

My usual Friday run was abandoned as the weather deteriorated during the afternoon from a warm 32C day into a heavy rain with gusty winds.
It was a good excuse for a rest, it would probably do me good.

Saturday morning and the high winds and intermittent rain were still with us. This weather can be quite exhilarating to run in as well as a good test of mental resolve.
I got to the beach by 8am and the wind was blowing 35km/h from the north, it wasn't particularly cold as the north of the country will be warmer.

With the wind pushing me on the outbound leg it was hard to slow down to a regular pace. There were very few people out on the beach today as the waves crashed in and created big clouds of foam on the beach.
It was great running in and out of the water whenever I wanted to without panicking about getting shoes wet.

I turned around at the river then headed back straight into the wind. Here is the strange thing, I could run into it and I didn't feel that tired. With no dead weights on my feet it gave me more energy or at least didn't sap my energy to the same extent.
Usually if I am running into the wind I find myself stopping to catch my breath but this time I was fine.

I have taken a couple of photos of my new very comfortable Terra Plana shoes, one pair are the Aqua trainer that I can wear at the gym without attracting the attention of the gym police, the other pair are Oaks which are a more casual pair of shoes.
The only problem I have so far is that my jeans are now too long and have to be turned up and also the feeling of having to look up to people.

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