Friday, November 6, 2009

Home run

Distance 12.5km [total: minimalist 36km: Barefoot 31km]

Friday is the day I catch the bus into work the make my way back home on foot.
I packed my VFF's in my backpack and they stay there most of the day as I am not allowed to wear them at work.
I set off for my run at 4pm, weather was perfect, bright sunny, about 27C.

Last week I wore my Asics to run through the city (about 2km) to the river, then changed into the VFF's. I then ran about 8km before walking as my Achilles was a bit tender.
This time I ran the entire distance (12.5km)with short breaks for a drink along the way.
I did get a bit of shin tightness at first caused by not being relaxed in my running style, after about 4km the everything was fine.
About halfway I could feel the underside of my foot getting a little warm from rubbing on the shoes, would this be a blister or not.
I tried to land a bit more neutral and not push off as much with the toes.
I did have a blister on the ball of the right foot when I got back, not a really bad one but a blister non the less.
Next time I must remember to bring some talc to dust in my shoes to soak up any sweat and stop the friction.

I remember many years ago while doing a cross country race with spikes, I made the mistake of wearing no socks and putting some Vaseline on my toes with the idea that it would stop friction. Big mistake.
What happened was that the shoes had a great grip on the ground but my feet slid around inside the shoe and by the end I had a blister about 4 cm across.
To top that I had to run another race the next day. Not very pleasant. I think it would have been better if I had used talc.

Other than that the legs, knees and back feel good.


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