Saturday, November 7, 2009

Warm start

Distance 7km [total: minimalist 36km: Barefoot 38km]

I tried some special blister plasters out on my foot last night, they did quite a good job of cushioning the blister so I could walk around quite easily.

Normally after a day when I have run home I take it easy the next day as I'm still a bit worn out, this time though, no problem.
It was a warm day today, even at 8.30am the temperature was 26C, it would be going up to 33C today.
I headed to the beach and ran 7km barefoot, I hardly felt the blisters even though the plaster came off in the water and sand.
I can really feel the stretch in my Achilles when I hit soft patches of sand, this is good as I was always nervous when I first tried no shoes as the tendon would complain noticeably.
I think I was the only one running without shoes today except for the surf life savers that were doing barefoot sprint drills up near their club. That was quite interesting watching that.
I shall have to do some sprinting in a couple of months once I have got more barefoot miles in my legs.
Here is photo of Henley Beach jetty where I do much of my running.


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