Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back injury

Distance 19.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6155.2km] Week18

21-Apr. 4km

Easter Monday and I'm still moving around like a person beyond his years. It seems worse after a nights sleep because the discs fill with fluid and apply more pressure to the nerve causing pain. Once I'm upright and moving around it is better. 
I managed to get out for a short run along the beach, staying on the soft surface so not to put any more pressure on it. I felt ok once I started running, I could have run further but I limited my run to the 4km just to see if my back sent me a message later on telling me I'm being stupid by exercising too soon after an injury.

25-Apr. 7km

I ran out of pain tablets early in the week so have been going without them. The back is still sore, always worse in the morning but improves through the day. Friday was ANZAC day, a public holiday. The weather is beautiful and so I had to head to the beach for a run and chance it. It takes a few minutes for me to get comfortable as I start to run, I start with small steps then as I begin to relax I can start to run at a more normal pace. I ran down the beach with the wind behind me then came up onto the concrete footpath to run back. There is no jarring with barefoot running, just soft gentle landing so there were no shock waves going up and down my spine. I felt quite good after the run. 

27-Apr. 8.2km

A cold morning, only around 10C early on, slightly warmer by the time I got to the lake for my circuit. A northerly wind was blowing but there was no warmth in it like there would be in Summer. The concrete was cold. I've been taking 2 pain tablets over a 24 hour period and they are doing a great job. I can bend down, lean over without pain. The run went well. Not much warmth on the ground to warm my feet.
Next Sunday it is International Barefoot Running Day.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Back to cool running

Distance 94.4km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6136.0km] Week16

Monday, 31-Mar. 10km 

Usual out an back run this evening. Too long ago to remember any details

Wednesday, 2-Apr. 10km 

Usual out an back run this evening. Too long ago to remember any details

Saturday, 5-Apr. 6km

The barefoot runners get together, held on the Saturday this time rather than the Sunday to fit in with some of the others who have other appointments on the Sunday.
It had been a cool night but now the sun was shining and it was a beautiful morning for a run. Henley Beach was buzzing with runners, people having breakfasts and early morning coffees and walking along the jetty soaking up the sunshine.
I was chatting to an one of the trainers that used to work at the gym for a while then I spotted David and Cathy waiting by the jetty. I wandered over as we waited for Michael who appeared a few minutes later.
We set off at an easy pace along the Esplanade, weaving our way through the many walkers. It was a pace that allowed talking without being too laboured. The ground was cool but not cold. We ran 3km until we reached the Caravan Park at West Lakes the after a short stop, made our way onto the beach to run back. The tide was coming in so we ran through the breaking waves, didn't pass any shod runners along the way.
After the run it was time for coffee and breakfast at one of the many local cafes in the square. A very enjoyable run.

Sunday, 6-Apr. 8.2km

My pre-gym lake loop and another warm sunny morning. The lake activities are winding down now, the triathlons are over for the season as are the Dragon Boat races. There were plenty of rowers out practicing down near the club house. I didn't pass many other runners today. We went off daylight saving this morning which meant an extra hour of sleep and the run was an hour later than I would have run. My heart rate monitor is working again. I gave the belt a thorough wash and it seems ok again.

Monday, 7-Apr. 12.4km

A warm day of 26C which I couldn't miss the opportunity to get out and get the bare feet on the ground. Warm pavements are going to get rarer by the end of the month. I have to get off my backside and try to drum up some interest in the International Barefoot run which takes place on May 4th. I shall send a flyer off to one of the local radio stations to see if they will publicize it and also to the local road runners club.
As for tonight, as the weather was fantastic and there was a spectacular sunset brewing I ran a few extra kilometres past the my usual turn around spot at the caravan park and this time ran up to the boat ramp. The extra few kilometres tired me out a bit by the time I got to the end. It is quite a long day for me after getting up at 5.45am. The sun was just about setting as I finished my run, it was then I wished I had brought my camera.

Wednesday, 9-Apr. 10km

Rain is here for the rest of the week although today it was only light. It is meant to get heavier later in the week. That is why I ran today rather than tomorrow, I checked the forecast and saw that tomorrow the wind would be stronger and from the south which wouldn't be a good run. This run was a good steady run, keeping my heart rate around 136 bpm for most of the way then running a beach stretch at a rate of around 145bpm. The far horizon had some very black looking clouds, these must be the rain clouds that are going to bring the overnight rain. For now though it was calm and a good running day. 

Sunday, 13-Apr. 8.2km

Good relaxed run, a bit slower that usual as I stopped for a breather in a couple of spots. The weather was good, dry and sunny. The rowing club was the area of activity today on the lake, tents set up all along the side for the families of the participants. I had to dodge swinging oars and boats crossing my path before I got back to the quiet of the back roads. The model boat group were out as usual in the sheltered norther area of the lake as I padded past quietly. I must be a familiar sight now to the walkers around the lake who all say hello now, they know I am actually normal and not some baby eating weirdo. I did a gym session after the run, more deadlifts (35kg) only light for the hamstrings.
Monday, 14-Apr. 11km

Wednesday 16-Apr. 10km

A nice sunny day throughout but the temperature starts to drop by the time I get out for my run. I came out on the Wednesday as the forecast was for strong winds tomorrow so I would be better in the gym rather than out on the road. Today it was wonderfully calm. I stayed on the hard surfaces today as they tide was too high to run along the beach. There was a fantastic sunset as I completed my run. At least I won't have to negotiate the uneven brick path in the dark along the foreshore this winter now that they have opened the new wide cement path. It will be a breeze running along here in the dark.  

Friday, 18-Apr. 11km

Easter Bun Fun Run 2014
I had not run this race for a couple of years and I was unsure whether it was on this year as the details had not been posted and I wasn't going to drive 22km to the start and find I was on my own. 
As it happened, fellow BFR David sent me an email the night before which just by chance I read on my mobile before going to bed that night, it was on.My lower back has been a bit sensitive after a gym session, I think I have strained a muscle by doing weighted twists. Press on regardless.
I got up at 6.30am popped a pain killer and had some breakfast. I set off at 7.15am and it was a bit of a repeat of the first time I ran this race, I had only got 1km down the road before the rain started, by the time I was half way there the rain was coming down in buckets along with a blowing wind.
It did cross my mind to turn back but I pressed on.
It had eased off by the time I got to the school which was the start point of the run.
After parking the car and making my way into the hundreds of runners limbering up before the run, I felt distinctly under dressed with just a t-shirt and shorts. Others had equipped themselves with everything the running shops can sell. I met up with David and Cathy and we listened to the pre race information on where the run would take us.
It was a casual start, no starting pistols, just get on to the road and start to run.
I let David and Cathy run at their own pace and I got going, splashing down the wet streets until we make it to the river path. 

The course is very undulating despite being called the River Flats run and I was finding the uphills quite taxing. Too much time running on the flat. I took care not to run on the white path markings as I have found out from previous experience they are like banana skins when wet.
The run has several peel off points at 5km 7km and 8km. On the north side of the river the path is nice smooth concrete, when I crossed to the other side on the return leg it is rough bitumen with lots of seeds from the overhead trees. In the final kilometre they make you climb up from the river which is just enough to finish you off.
For most of the run I was on my own, once you have made it past the slower groups you hit that point where you are running at a similar pace to those in front so you can't catch them and the ones behind can't catch you. I did on 2 occasions get a fresh runner go past me at a pace I couldn't respond to.
The total distance is 11km as I remember and I did a time of 57m 13s.
The volunteers had toasted hot cross buns, fruit and drinks ready at the end, a big thank you to them for their hard work. I met up with David and Kathy again and we stayed until the raffle was over. A great start to the Easter weekend.

Sunday, 20-Apr. 8.2km

My back is still giving me twinges from a disc I believe, I must have irritated it while doing the ab twists in the gym. I have now run out of pain tablets too so I will let it tell me how bad it is. I am hoping it is minor. I still went out for a gentle run around the lake and it was ok. I'm sure if I still ran in shoes and in my heels striking fashion my back would not have taken too kindly to it. The gentle landing of barefoot running doesn't make it any worse, even on concrete.



Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Distance 35.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6041.6km] Week13

Wednesday, 26-Mar. 12km

I ran the river beach loop for a change tonight mainly because I start and finish the run from home rather than drive anywhere in the car. I'm trying to save petrol as I missed the bottom of the discount cycle and the price shot up to it's high point when I didn't expect it. It will take another 2 weeks to cycle back down again.
The run takes me along the back streets before crossing the busy Grange Road the down side streets towards the linear park. I kept up a good pace on stiff calves, left over from the gym on Sunday. The river path is rough in places with cracked stony bitumen but I handled it without a problem and before I knew it I was by the beach and running up the smooth concrete.
Some black clouds were gathering in front of me but didn't offer up any rain. I did my last turn into Grange road again and headed for home. covering the distance in just over an hour.

Saturday, 29-Mar. 15km

Another slow start to the run that speeded up after a few kilometres. I feel like I have been running under a bit of a cloud since my brother passed away a few months ago. My spirits have been down and although the running lifts them by the time I have finished it is just hard starting out, I don't feel like I have a spring in my step like I had a year ago. The weather was fantastic, that calm sunny Autumnal time of year when the savage sun has been tamed by the earth tilting away as we swing into the cooler months.

Sunday, 30-Mar. 8.2km

Lots of activity around the lake today, triathlons, rowers runners. A warm 30C day today and tomorrow we are going into the 30's peaking at around 35C sometime in the week. Quite warm for April. The weather was calm today, no wind but that doesn't stop the older folks who have their model sailing boats set up ready to go out on the lake. The weather sock says that unless they have a motor they may become becalmed. I padded past silently before heading onto the triathlon course, not many runners were coming through so I looked to see if I could pick any off for the short distance that our routes converged. A good run today.