Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heat is on!

Distance 7km [total: minimalist 36km: Barefoot 64km]

The weather warnings today were at level 'catastrophic' with temperatures of 43C and strong winds from the north, ideal conditions for a run!
I used to call the wind 'The Hairdryer' as if you have wet hair it would be completely dry in about 5 minutes.
I did find out that this northerly wind does have a name, it is called The Brickfielder, it usually heralds a change on the way.
If it rains it will coat the cars in a mud and grime that has been picked up from the deserts and fields north of the city.

I ran about 7km, it was tough on the return leg as I had to run directly into that Brickfielder wind.
I would say that it was a little cooler at the beach, maybe 39C.
Because the humidity is so low you use a large amount of water during a run.
You sweat but it dries almost instantly in the wind
I mainly drink water through the day and had a 600ml bottle before the run.
Still by the end the throat feels dry and constricted.
I had a second 600ml bottle in the car for when I got back, nothing can quench your thirst like water, not Coke, Juice or beer.
I felt that running barefoot actually helped in the heat as I ran with less weight to carry and I could run in the water whenever I needed to.
I'll keep on drinking water all through the evening to rehydrate, I also had a glass of GlucEvol when I got back to get a bit of energy back into the muscles.

Hopefully the next run will be a bit cooler.


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