Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cold feet

Distance 16km [total: minimalist 104km: Barefoot 429km]

A good week for getting out there and getting a few kilometres in.
On the Wednesday I did some drills on the field close to home.
There is not much light by the time I get home from work and by the time I have finished a 30 to 40 minute session it is dark.

I started with 3 warm up laps around the edge of the field and each time I would go around I would be harassed by two dogs being exercised by the owner who had no control of them. As soon as you turn on then and shout they run, dumb things.
I completed two sets of the Hops, pony and Change of Support with a short run in between each drill.
The grass felt freezing, at a guess I would say it would be about 8C but it felt colder and my feet were numb on the underside by the time I finished.
The reward is always after when you get back into the warm ans the life flows back into them.

On Thursday it was down to the beach before the few days of fine weather comes to an end later this evening.
I ran 7km, up to Grange jetty then back to the Torrens outlet then onto the road for the way back.
It was too dark to stay on the beach for the return journey as I can't see any obstacles in the low light.
I have no problem running on the hard surfaces now, in fact I quite enjoy the change of sensation of moving from the sand to the concrete.
I can hardly hear my footsteps on the ground as I move but I always hear the runners who 'pound the pavement' going my way or coming towards me.

The rain came later that night and it continued through the night and was still raining as I made my way to work.
I had to wear my old running shoes as I didn't want to get my Vivo Barefoot shoes wet as they are suede and not very waterproof.
Wow, the runners felt awful, heavy and with the high heel I felt clumsy and found walking in them awkward. How did I ever run in them I wondered.
I know now I can never go back to wearing shoes like that, maybe I can go for racing flats but I think I'll stick to the Vibrams on the wet days.

Another beach run on a showery day.
I headed to to the beach via the hairdressers, it was dry and sunny when I went in but wet and cold when I came out.
Still I headed to the beach, the sun re-emerged. The tide was far out and there was plenty of flat sand to run on.
The sand was pretty cold though. After some quick warm ups I set off. By the time I'd covered about 3.5km my feet were numb on the underside and I always worry about them when I get no feedback. I found it easier running on the softer sand on the upper part of the beach than on the hard packed sand, there was less friction on my feet.
It began to rain, but once you are warm the rain is really not much of an inconvenience, it does stop you running on the hard surfaces though due to the wet feet being too soft.
You need harder dry feet to run barefoot.
It was a good satisfying run.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

8km loop

Distance 8km [total: minimalist 104km: Barefoot 413km]

A blustery Thursday afternoon was the setting for my run for the day.
I went on a loop course that took me 55 minutes in total with about 45 minutes being running time and 10 minutes of walking and waiting for traffic.
I followed the route in the map. Google maps is very good for working out distances as well and this route works out to exactly 8km

I ran wearing my VFF's concentrating on keeping the knees bent and stride short. I feel my form had deteriorated some what by the end. I felt a bit sore in the right Achilles but it was only temporary. I didn't get any problem from the calf at all.
I find it harder to run in the dark as it's not as easy to judge stride length.

Only one more week until the shortest day and then slowly the days will begin to lengthen, I'll be happier at that point.


Monday, June 14, 2010


Distance 9km [total: minimalist 96km: Barefoot 413km]

Well, its the Queens Birthday long weekend and the weather is beautiful.
Clear blue sky and sun warming the air and ground from the chilly night.
The temperature dropped to 2C last night as it is going to again tonight.
I was in no hurry to get the the beach first thing for a run this morning, the longer I wait the more time the sun has a chance to warm the sand up.

I went for my run at 11.30am and the sun had worked its magic on the sand, it wasn't just above freezing and so I retained some feeling in my feet.
I ran a short 5km, just a bit longer than my 4km on Saturday just in case my calf strain reappeared.
It seemed fine now, kept my stride quick and choppy and it felt good.
I'm in the process of reading "Pose Method of Running" for the second time to see if I can pick up on some of the things I missed the first time around.
It would be great to find someone else who is at the same stage of learning the technique so we can correct each others errors.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Calf strain part 2

Distance 6km [total: minimalist 96km: Barefoot 404km]

After my home run on Friday last week I had a rest on the following day to allow for a bit more time for recovery.
My feet were great on the run as the ground was dry, it was a little cold in places but that makes you appreciate the warm patches of bitumen that have managed to absorb a bit of the suns energy during the day.

On the Sunday I located the small running group that are based around the Fitness Express Lane folk. I thought they had given it away for the winter so I had also stopped getting up so early to get to the beach.
I was assured they still turn up as regular as clockwork so there I was at 8am on a cool Sunday morning.
Eventually Tony turned up and that was all for that day. We ran up the beach and back covering about 4km. I was feeling much stronger than I did earlier in the year and didn't get left behind.
The sand was incredibly cold and my feet went numb underneath, it was actually warmer if I ran in the water, which is what I did on the way back.
I was about to put in a final sprint to Henley Jetty to give Tony a bit of competition when I felt a dull pain in my right calf. I stopped straight away.
I had a post run paddle in the now quite cold water. It didn't help much I had strained it and only rest will help now.

I rested during the week, only venturing out onto the sports field on the Thursday as it was feeling better.
I did some of the drills and sprints. About halfway through the pain returned so I stopped the sprints but carried on with the drills before cooling off.

This meant that the Friday run home was off for today. I took the lazy way, the motor car.
I may try a light run along the beach tomorrow depending on how it feels when I wake up tomorrow.

One thing I know is that it is not the running style that is causing it but more of a case of pushing the training up too quickly.
I need to gradually build up the base fitness, my problem is that I enjoy running so much I can't help but wanting to be out there running as much as possible.
I need to reign in my enthusiasm.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

8km run

Distance 8km [total: minimalist 96km: Barefoot 398km]

Wednesday is usually a night I do a bit of gym work but I had a swap around and missed my Monday run so went out tonight.
The weather was far better tonight anyway.
I went on a route I'd not run for a couple of years. I donned the VFF's for the run, the ground is getting a little cold and as the light is fading it makes it harder to spot hazards on the path in front of me.
I covered around 8km, first along Grange Rd to the beach, along the beach then back along Trimmer Parade and Tapleys Hill road.
It was a good run, hardly get any stiffness in the tendons these days, I think the strengthening phase is almost complete now.

Now that I am gaining confidence in the technique and gaining the skill of running I need to get more speed into my legs, then I can start entering races again.

Using my mobile phone I got a relative to try to capture some moving video of my running style. It's not great video and really, to get a better idea if I am landing correctly, I need to be filmed by a moving camera that keeps pace with me. I'm not sure how to do that yet.

From the small portion of the video where I run past my landing seems ok when I pause the footage. At first I thought I was landing ahead, maybe I am.
I'll see if I can get some better video to analyse at a later date.