Thursday, November 12, 2009

At the beach

Distance 7km [total: minimalist 36km: Barefoot 49km]

Another hot day, I will be getting used to them soon.
I headed down to the beach where there is a little relief provided by a light sea breeze.
I ran 7km with a few rests in between to catch my breath.
I was concentrating on my form.
The last time I was out I got some shin tightness as my stride was too wide, it eased off after I adjusted.
This time I set off with a shortened stride and as fast a leg speed as I could manage. I have read that the perfect cadence is 180 (total for both legs)per minute. I think I must have been going quite a bit faster than that as I got tired after 1km.
I concentrated on a short stride and higher knee lift.
Wow it really worked my calves, at one point I almost got cramp so walked for a short distance to recover.
The road felt hot on that 1km stretch even trying to move the legs faster so the feet spent more time off the ground.
I got back in one piece, feet were a bit worn looking but they will recover.


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