Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sandy 8km

Distance 8km [total: minimalist 36km: Barefoot 80km]

Thursday evening and I was down at the beach after work at about 6pm.
The temperature was a pleasant 26C, the tide was out leaving a good amount of beach to run on.
I gave my calves a good workout, they felt pretty tight by the time I had run the 3.5km to the river exit.
The tendons at the back and around the ankle were also worked hard on the way back when I changed surfaces from hard wet sand to soft dry sand.
The more km's I can get under my belt the more the strength the lower leg should gain.
I am looking forward to reading beginning of the blog in 6 months time so I can get a picture of progress.

On my way back, running carefully down the gravel beach path, I passed a runner going in the other direction and got my first wisecrack, the not very original "You should try shoes".
I need to have a quick come back line such as "I've got them on, they are a new lightweight model".
My feet feel a little tender after tonight run but I'm sure they will be ok by tomorrow. They are starting to thicken up on the forefoot but I still need to take care to run correctly and relax, sometimes harder done than said.

My new Terra Plana shoes arrived last week and I have been wearing them at work during the week.
One thing I have noticed immediately is that I feel smaller.
As everyone else has heels of some kind I feel like I am looking up to everyone.
Another thing is that they are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.
In my other shoes, if I stand up for an hour my back stars to ache and I need to sit down, yesterday I stood up for 4 hours watching a band and not once did my back ache.

It almost feels like a new discovery, which it is for me, shoes with heels are not good for your back, plain and simple.
What I don't understand is why has there not been more of a backlash against heeled shoes that cause weaker backs and future problems.


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