Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Summer arrives, again

Distance 8km [total: minimalist 132km: Barefoot 757km]

After a dip back into winter temperatures over the weekend when the mercury couldn't get above 20C and the wind and rain lashed down, next weekend is promising to have more typical summer weather, 30C-34C.

Today the temperature just scraped past 20C but the skies cleared of clouds that have blanketed Adelaide for the past four days, blown away by the strong southerly winds.

After work I headed to the beach to put in an 8km run. I kept to the pavements as I ran into the wind then came back along the beach with the wind pushing me forward.
I got a bit of stiffness in the left shin, must have been over-striding a little. This disappeared as I started the run back along the beach.
Had a bit of competition on the last 500m from another runner, as I had plenty of energy left I stepped on the accelerator and left them behind.
Feet are in good condition, not much or an indication that I do plenty of running with no shoes.


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