Monday, December 6, 2010

Form form form

Distance 4km [total: minimalist 132km: Barefoot 715km]

Umm, I think I have pinpointed the problem that is causing the tendon soreness.
It's the form! I'm pushing too much quantity and not enough quality.

On my short beach run tonight, I just concentrated on feeling the hamstring pull all the way through and as I only ran a 4km distance I didn't lose my concentration due to fatigue.
I felt great this time, short strides with a fast leg speed and a definite pull. I felt no strain at all.
I believe just by leaving my foot on the ground too long there must be a slight push off which, over many repartitions, causes pain.

Revisiting Dr Romanov's Pose website, there is a vast amount more information on that covers all aspects of problems that can be encountered.
One thing I picked up on was the importance of practising rope skipping for calf resilience. Now being a somewhat uncoordinated person at times I have always found skipping hard. I think I find it hard due to the running, let me explain.
With running you are picking one foot up then the other, with skipping you have to pick both feet up and get it in time with a rope passing underneath them. Picking both feet up at the same time is not hard wired into my brain.
I can do some step skipping for a short period, where I move both feet separately and step through the rotating rope. I managed 13 'skips', hey, it's a start.

Lets see if by the end of the summer I can look back and see a big improvement.


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