Sunday, December 12, 2010

More km on the hard stuff

Distance 10km [total: minimalist 132km: Barefoot 725km]

Saturday was a blustery cool day, the rain had held off though which was good.
Rather than go to the beach I chose to run along the linear park that follows the River to the sea, a run I had done about a month earlier and ended up with sore feet due to the rough surface.
This time I made sure I took small light steps and it did help. After the 8km distance I had just two small blisters at the main landing pressure points on each foot.
Some of the new laid bitumen on the re-vegetated parts of the linear park are a joy to run on, smooth and almost bouncy, but, then its back to the coarse stuff where you have to treat as lightly as you can.
I covered the 8km in 55 minutes, a bit slow, hopefully I can bring it down from there.

Sunday. The only bit of running I managed today was some Pose drills on the nearby field. I was in two minds about running at all today but glad I did, it just seems to energise you once you start to get the heart rate up.
I did a couple of laps as warm up then started the drills with 100m sprints in between.
The sprints feel excellent these days, choppy with good leg speed.
I remember about 5 years ago having a bit of a race comp with my young second cousins. I gave them all a 20m start then had to chase them up to a tree, around and back.
During one of the runs I was stretching my stride out to get the speed up and I locked my knee out and almost felt like I was pole vaulting over my knee, gee that was scary, and it hurt too.
That is one reason why it is so important to always run and land with the knees bent.


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