Saturday, December 4, 2010

The heat!

Distance 12km [total: minimalist 132km: Barefoot 711km]

A taste of things to come as the mercury rose to 38C today, even now, my thermometer is reading just under 32C at 9.30pm.
I tried to make an early start to get to the beach to do a 12km run but ended up getting there around 8.15am, 30 minutes earlier would have been better.
When I parked the car the next decision was should I take a bottle of water or just drink some now and see if I can hold out until I get back.
I decided on the latter.

The tide was getting near its low point for the day so there was plenty of nice flat sand to run on.
My tendons have been sore recently, maybe I'm not leaving enough time in between runs to recover fully.
I set off at a conservative pace in the warm morning air, already it was 28C. By the 3rd km I was getting thirsty, I managed to keep licking my lips to keep a bit of moisture there but I was starting to dehydrate. I got to the 6km halfway point and came off the beach and found a drinking fountain.
I filled up on plenty of water before setting off back.
The return journey was tough, my tendons were complaining, maybe I was tired and not running in the best form, I took occasional detours into the water to cool off.
By the time I got back the temperature was over 30c and I was exhausted, I could just keep up a slow trot

The pain I get is at the top of the tendons, where they join the lower calf, I may need to rest a bit longer next week, only do some short runs.
I really need to book in for a massage as well, I am long over due for some maintenance.
I am now certain that I will stick to the shortest distance in the Christmas day run.


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