Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

Distance 6km [total: minimalist 44km: Barefoot 177km]

After a late night celebrating New Year I dragged myself up and went for a New Years day run on the beach.
Not the best of runs today, only did around 6km.
Legs felt a bit stiff in the calves so I took it at a steady pace, I seemed to lack a bit of the bounce I'd been experiencing when running around the local field.
I did run in some very soft sand for the last 500m to give myself a bit of hard work.

I've sent off for the book of Dr Romanov on Pose running to get a fuller description of the logic and reasoning behind it.
I have also bought some of the elastic tubing to use for hamstring strengthening exercises.
While doing some after Christmas shopping I wandered into one or two running stores. It is so disappointing to find that the design of running shoes is getting more and more ridiculous.
I wonder if the designers actually ever run in the shoes they design, or whether all they are designed for is to attract the eye of the fashion oriented consumer.
I asked in the stores I went in whether I could buy racing flats, years ago I would have been greeted with a decent choice of light flat shoes, now, I get puzzled looks and they say they are too specialised to be stocked.

Well, all it means is I will not be spending any $$ in running shops for the foreseeable future.


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