Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Early morning

Distance 9.5km [total: minimalist 44km: Barefoot 171km]

On the Monday evening I trotted off to the sports field across the road from my place to test the calf out to see if it was good to run on.
I was also going to practice the Pose style on these few laps to see how it felt.
This was the first time I had run barefoot around this field, I remember walking around it a few months ago to strengthen my feet and standing on all the seed cases dropped by the trees and how it hurt.
Big difference this time with tougher feet, it felt like soft carpet and I don't recall even feeling the bits and pieces that had fallen from the trees.
I think I had the correct form in that I concentrated on using the hamstrings to pull the leg from the ground rather than the quads.
I know this is the case as today I can feel the tightness in the hamstrings where they were being used.
I ran 6 laps around the field and the calf was fine.

I'd arranged to go on a run with a friend today, when I go on an early run, my idea of an early run is between 8.30am and 9.30am. He wanted to go at 7am, this would mean no breakfast before and I am no good without food in the morning. So I got out the GlucEvol and had a glass of that, it really is the best sports drink I have come across in that it causes no stomach problems at all and I can run without feeling like I'm going to fall over from lack of energy.
So, after a much interrupted nights sleep with various noisy neighbours letting off fireworks at midnight and beyond, talking loudly, a chorus of dogs barking etc I probably got a few hours sleep.

We got to the beach at 7.10am, there were plenty of people down there already to do their morning walks before the heat of the day kicks in (35C today).
Running with another person stops you from taking the little breaks you get accustomed to taking and makes you run a bit harder which is good.
The sand was cold at that time of day and the tide was out, a good running surface. My training partner ran in shoes and has worn orthotics for years, apparently he has about 8 pairs, must cost a fortune.
I showed him was you can do once you take that risk and throw the orthotics and shoes in the cupboard.
Learn to run correctly and you don't need them, you just have to overcome the dependency and fear.
We covered 7km today, feet were a bit tender underneath as I was running a bit faster than usual but they will be fine by the end of the day.
I think he was impressed with how it is possible to run without shoes but might be a bit conservative to take that next step.

On the Sunday I went to check out the open racing at the Bay-Sheffield held at Glenelg S.A between Christmas and New Year.
I was interested in taking photos so I could analyse whether the competitive runners were heel strikers or forefoot landers, from the series of photos taken it seems like the majority are forefoot landers.

Spectators on the first day of the Bay-Sheffield, the large crowd turns up for the finals the following day


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