Sunday, January 31, 2010

Friday home run

Distance 16.5km [total: minimalist 44km: Barefoot 259.5km]

Once again a warm day, too warm to be just barefoot.
I left work at about 4.40pm and put plenty of sunscreen on as the Australian sun is pretty aggressive.
The problem with sunscreens of course, while running is that if you put it over your face it drips off when you start sweating, when it gets into your eyes it can hurt like hell.
I had been using the P20 sunscreen that has to be put on 90 minutes before sun exposure. It's not sold over here but I can get my family to send some over at Christmas.
Recently I had switched to using Piz Buin 1 day long Sunscreen which you could put on your face and didn't cause the problem of stinging eyes when you sweat.
More recently I was sent some Piz Buin factor 30 sunscreen, I put this over my arms before setting off this evening. This has relevance later in the story.

Had slight discomfort in the tendons after a 5km on the hard surface. Even wearing the Vibram Five Fingers alters my running style I find.
I could feel the hot road surface coming up through the thin soles and was paying attention to the condition of my feet as the warmth would cause sweating and sweating leads to blisters.
The anti-blister powder I put in the shoes seems to work but I am still cautious. I haven't had a blister while running for well over a month now, this must be a good sign.
By the time I got to 10km I was staring to tire. I just kept my head down and concentrated on keeping up the steady if slow pace.
Running on the hard surface puts far more strain on your foot muscles. Mine are fine for short distances of 4km but as the distance increases so the fatigue sets in.
My feet felt very tired by the time I'd covered the 12.5km to home.
I gave them a refreshing dunking in a bucket of cold water to try and ward off any stiffness.

I turned up for a meeting with the fitness club people who run the 4km circuit from jetty to jetty.
They were kind to me today and ran along the beach rather than the road, I'd mentioned how I'd been clearing shards of glass from the path further up just the other day.
It really does make you move up a notch when running with others. I kept up a decent pace and did the 2km distance in 10 minutes, sure not that fast but I was happy running barefoot at that pace. My heart rate at the 2km mark was 155bpm.
Running back was a bit more relaxed at a slightly slower pace.
The cooling off in the sea was great to cap off the run.
From there it was to the coffee shop for a morning coffee and to relax and watch all the other morning runners and cyclists getting their training in.

Now, back to the sunscreen. I have noticed that I have had a reaction against it, coming up in hundreds of raised itching lumps over my arms where I had rubbed in the sunscreen.
From research on the internet this appears to be a not uncommon reaction to the Piz Buin Sunscreen.
I shall be throwing out this bottle. I have never had this happen before, it makes you wonder what harmful chemicals they put in there.
There seems to be nowhere to complain too about their product, I am honestly amazed they can put something out on the market without thorough testing.
My advice is to steer well clear of Piz Buin sunscreens unless you want to end up with an itching rash. Thanks guys, where is the defective product recall?

The photo above was taken 4 days after the sunscreen was put on the arm.
It is now day 5 and the lumps are still there but the redness is beginning to fade.


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