Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday Run

Distance 12km [total: minimalist 44km: Barefoot 226km]

I differed my usual Saturday beach run because my tendons were a little sore from the run on the Friday, by Sunday they felt much better.
About 5 weeks earlier I'd called around to see an old work colleague who now runs a fitness centre, he mentioned that a small group go for a regular run on Sunday mornings at 8am, I thought I'd give it a go and be a bit sociable on one of my runs.

Sunday morning was cool, cloudy and very windy. I got to the beach by 8am and waited around for a familiar face. The group gradually assembled by 8.10am. I was the only shoeless one.
I assumed we would be running along the beach but we stuck to the pavements for a short 4km out and back run.
It was a good test to see if I could keep up with the shoe brigade, I did once I got into a regular rhythm. There was a patch of pavement that had lots of pieces of glass spread over a 30m section, I had to keep my eyes peeled to ensure I didn't land on any.
After the run the group went to seek their reward in the local coffee shop.
I being money less and shoe less said I would have a wade in the water.
I stayed in the water, which was quite warm, despite the strong southerly blowing, for about 20 minutes.

Now for the interesting part.
Every morning when I wake up and get out of bed my tendons are stiff and need about 5 minutes to get them working and can still be stiff during the day.
This time, there was no stiffness at all, not a hint and the only thing I can put it down to is the cold water paddle after the run.
I have seen the footballers doing that after a game, the whole team goes to the beach and stands around in the water (in Winter when the water is much much colder).

Out at the beach again tonight, the wind is still blowing strongly from the south and the para sailors are all out on the beach catching the wind.
I ran 8km this evening and once again spent 20 minutes wading through knee deep water to see if it will ward off any stiffness the next day. I shall soon find out.


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