Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Short break

Distance 10km [total: minimalist 44km: Barefoot 236km]

Just had a short break to let any aches dissipate but I find that the need to get out there and run gets pretty strong.
I ran 8km at the beach on the Monday, it was a work shutdown day today making a four day weekend as it is Australia Day on the Tuesday.
The run went well, the tide was out leaving plenty of flat wet sand to run on.
I am much more aware of being careful about softening the feet in water then running on the hard concrete.
If I run on the beach I should stick to the beach the entire way or only have short stretches on the hard surfaces so not to wear away the skin.

I did some laps around the field this evening to try to get a bit more speed into the legs.
I really do need to get a stopwatch and measure my heart rate to see what the maximum is when I do a lap.
Started off with 3 warm up laps then some faster laps, maybe too fast for now.
It felt great to be running fast over the soft grass and feeling the different surfaces, from the dry parched areas to the more lush green patches.
In all I managed 10 laps before warming down and doing a lap on the concrete.

Running on the concrete is so much easier now, not long ago I couldn't even walk that far in barefeet on concrete without pain.
Throwing away the orthotics and running shoes has been the best move I have made so far.
I have had no injuries in 5 months or running and all my small chronic back aches have vanished since getting rid of the shoes with heels.


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