Monday, December 21, 2009


Distance 8km [total: minimalist 44km: Barefoot 152km]

Finishing work by 4.20pm and at the beach by 5pm, it was a warm day of about 30C, slightly cooler at the beach.
The tide was out so there was a nice firm surface to run on. Only light breezes today rather than the strong southerly I've been pitted against on several occasions.

I tried to concentrate on how my feet contact the ground, emphasizing the forefoot but not toe running as that strains the tendons too much and you lose the power needed to get a good speed.

It is now almost 4 months since I first ran barefoot on the beach and now I feel far more comfortable.
The heel only contacts after the forefoot and then only lightly, the calves still are not strong enough to give me complete even contact and I am still aware of the tendons being worked hard.
I ran relatively fast over the 8km today, stopping briefly to catch my breath at the jetties.
I think it was this extra speed that made my feet a bit tender on the underside. They will be ok tomorrow.
I really need someone to look at my running style to tell me if I am running correctly, it feels natural but that is not objective enough.


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