Saturday, December 5, 2009

The new day

Distance 7km [total: minimalist 40km: Barefoot 103.5km]

After a early night and a good sleep the feet have basically recovered, not 100% but maybe 80%.
The funny thing is I actually want to go out for a run, not like before when I was so exhausted from the long run the previous day I would usually want a rest.

It did take a bit of getting going once I got to the beach but after 1km I was back into a good stride and enjoying the cool water on the shoreline.

I covered 7km today with the feet feeling a bit sore by the end.
I can now give them a rest for a couple of days.

I shall have to consider how I run back on subsequent weeks, depending on the temperature it may not be practical to run barefoot because the road temperature may be too high.
I shall have to set a cut off point of say 28C for a max daytime temperature beyond which I keep the Vibrams on.
I am a bit concerned about the blister on the toe caused by the VFF's, that is the second time I have rubbed one up wearing shoes.
Maybe the great advocate of totally barefoot running Barefoot Ken Bob is correct in saying that any kind of shoes modifies your running to the detriment.
I am coming down more on this side after my 2+ months of experimenting.



  1. barefoot running is good but u should use some protective gear like the vibrams:

    also the socks help too, 5 finger socks hehe

  2. Hi Electro,
    I have got a pair of Vibrams which I use. I think they are going to be more use to me when I run in the hills on on the stony trails.
    Most of my running is on the beach and no shoes is the best there.
    There will be a long transition period when it comes to barefoot/minimalist running. I'm hoping the barefoot running will make me a more careful runner.
    I am amazed at those people who can run a marathon without shoes, and in a decent time.