Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas day

Distance 10.5km [total: minimalist 44km: Barefoot 162.5km]

Isn't it great to be able to get up on a Christmas day and to go to the beach for a run with a perfect temperature of 21C.
There was enough cloud around to keep the sun from burning me as quickly but it can still penetrate the clouds.
I ran 7km today (Friday), concentrating on keeping the heels light and most of the weight bearing pressure on the forefoot.
The tendons seemed to be ok, the soreness I was feeling over the last few days eased off and felt better for the rest of the day.

Out again on a sunny morning, back at the beach for a slightly longer run. I had a go at practising the pose stance for a while before setting off.
I am going to try to learn a different aspect of the pose style each month if I can, give it plenty of time to sink in.
I set off running from Grange to Henley and then to the Torrens River outlet. The stretch from Grange to Henley jetty I ran at a fast pace and was quite breathless for most of the distance.
The thing I find interesting is the almost subconscious way you seem to be able to avoid sharp stones along the shoreline, there were plenty of big and small stones around but I am not aware of ever feeling any of them beneath my feet.
On the return run I had to stop half way as I could feel either a muscle cramp in the calf of the beginnings of a pull.
It may have been because I was running faster than usual at the beginning and put more of a strain on the muscles.
I stopped immediately and gave it a light massage them walked the rest of the way back.
From past experience when the muscle is warm it doesn't hurt as much as when it has cooled down that is why stopping immediately is the best course of action.
I think I managed to avoid doing too much damage but I shall rest a day to see how it feels.
I got back and had some GlucEvol to get a bit of energy back into the muscles followed by a protein drink and then some L-Glutamine.
I'll see if this has helped at all in the next few days.


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