Thursday, December 24, 2009

Calf strength

Distance 0km [total: minimalist 44km: Barefoot 152km]

After my beach run on Monday it has taken until today for my lower legs and tendons to recover.
As I was emphasising the landing on the forefoot at each step and was running at a faster pace than before it put quite a bit of stress on the muscles and tendons.
They were sore as hell on the Tuesday, improved on the Wednesday but not fully and now today they are almost back to normal.
I'll leave it until tomorrow until I venture out again on the beach to give them 3 full days to recover.
I thinking of sending of for the Romanov Pose running DVD to see if I can improve my form and efficiency.
I'm pleased with my progress so far and I should set a goal for next year such as to participate in one of the races.
The big one in Adelaide is the City-Bay run, a 12km run from the city centre to Glenelg by the beach. It is one of the big runs of the year which most people use as a target for their training.


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