Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekly Km

Distance 24.5km [total: minimalist 44km: Barefoot 124km]

A little late in posting an update due to a lack of time.
I had two longer runs during the week and a shorter run of 4km on the beach on Monday.
The Thursday run was about 8km again along the beach during the evening.
It was a good run but the calves were a bit tight by the end of the beach section which just shows that it will take a while to get to full strength in both tendons and muscles.
On the Friday it was the longer run of the week from the city to home, the 12.5km distance.
Once again I used the VFF's for the city section as the place is littered with glass fragments.
I wasn't aware of any blisters this time in the VFF's by the time I got to take them off.
I was aware this time that my feet felt much more sensitive to the road surface. Maybe I was still recovering from the previous day but I didn't feel as fluid and I had a few pains around the ankle.
When I moved onto a rougher bitumen surface I had to take much smaller steps as my feet felt quite sore. I ran along the concrete gutter along the road as that was gentler on the feet.
In surveying the damage at the end of the run I did have a cut on the left foot, I wasn't aware of what had caused it but it was a bit sore. I covered it in iodine solution and now it seems to be on its way to healing.
I gave the calves a massage during the evening as they were tight, it did the trick and they felt much better after.
I postponed the Saturday run to let the legs and feet recover.
I shall venture out again on Monday for a short easy run.


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  1. Hi Neil. Your 'BLOG' came thru on my talktalk email address OK. Love Dad