Thursday, April 1, 2010

Foot injury

Distance 0km [total: minimalist 56.5km: Barefoot 293.5km]

For the first time since I took barefoot running/walking I have a small injury.
I must blame myself for this.

After my recent holiday and no real training for 10 days I had a had a concentrated period when I ran each day for 4 days, not huge distances 2km, 7km, 13km, 4km but I think that along with some jumping I did at the gym on the sunday I have a pain in my left foot.
It's under the forefoot and very hard to take any weight on it at the moment.
It could be one of two things, overstretched ligaments or some kind of stress fracture.
It has been sore now since Monday.
So, I am now on enforced rest until it sorts itself out.
I wouldn't have thought with what I was doing I could have caused any serious problem but you never know.

Above is a photo of a hike up to the Maitai Cave situated in the mountains above Nelson, N.Z.
I covered the whole distance, there and back without shoes, a total of about 4 hours walking.
It was really great feeling that connected with the ground you are walking over, feeling the temperature, texture and hardness or softness of the ground.
You don't really need to wear big thick hiking boots, it is good to walk quietly through a forest without heavy crunching of the ground.


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