Thursday, April 8, 2010

Training drills

Distance 2km [total: minimalist 56.5km: Barefoot 308.5km]

I have been out on the rugby field near home practicing the pose drills on Tuesday and Thursday.
I start the session with 3 laps at moderate pace around the field to warm up.
Then I practice 4 of the drills.
1. Change of Support.
2. Pony.
3. Hop in Place.
4. Forward Lunge.

In between each of those drills I run 80m, concentrating on getting my feet off the ground as quickly as possible after touching down.

I am starting to feel a difference. I am becoming aware of my hamstrings and if they are engaged correctly.
I can remember in the past when I used to practice fast sprints it was always my quads that ended up sore the next day, that is not the case now as I am not using them to same extent any more.
I am aware that my hamstrings start to get tired by the end of a training session.
My coordination is getting much better, I had trouble with the 'hop in place' initially, especially on the left leg. Tonight I managed to do sets of 50 hops on each leg.

I received an email from the Posetech website informing me that Dr Romanov was in Sydney to do a coaching session. I would have like to have gone but it is too short notice, the session is this weekend. Maybe next time.


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