Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend training

Distance 9km [total: minimalist 60.5km: Barefoot 334km]

After skipping a few runs during the week due to other commitments it was time to get back into in over the weekend.

On the Friday I'd been out having some drinks around the city and trying my best to limit my alcohol intake, it was tough and I ended up having about 4.5 pints of beer and some wine. I guess as I drink so little on most other occasions this would constitute binge drinking.

Despite drinking two large glasses of water on getting back I still woke in the morning not feeling the best.
It was a nice warm morning and I headed down to the beach. The tide was well out so there was plenty of flat sand to run on.
I felt a bit achy in the feet this time but it got better as I warmed up. I concentrated on form over speed and was fairly happy with the run but it was not the best.

Rather than go to the beach I walked across to the local field to do some drills this morning.
I started with 3 slow laps of the field to warm up then did sets of changing support, Pony, and Hop in Place.
I have improved my coordination on the Hop in Place over what I was doing a month ago.
I can now do fifty on each leg.
I'm much encouraged by this as it shows that I am getting a better feeling for when my hamstring is being activated, the reaction speed is faster.
This in turn helps the sprints in between the drills.

I remember when I first started doing the pose drills and running sprints in between some 3 months ago, I could feel a bit of pain in my lower back, this was caused because I didn't have the technique correct.

I am re-reading the Pose Running book again and am about 1/3 the way through it. I'm hoping to pick up on things that I missed the first time or that I will understand now whereas before I wouldn't.


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