Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wet Sunday

Distance 11km [total: minimalist 56.5km: Barefoot 293.5km]

I believe I am getting to 'feel' the correct way of running more now but it still requires concentration.
If my mind wanders then I find I am not getting that correct feeling of pulling the leg from the ground.
It helps if you can hold a vision in your head of doing the static change of support drill and just get that feeling of shifting the body weight from one leg to the other while you are moving forward.
I ran 7km along the beach on the Saturday and even though I was tempted to get in races with others running along the beach, I resisted to concentrate more on the keeping a compact, efficient form.

After a late night I got myself out of bed to go on my social beach run at Henley at 8am.
I had my breakfast an hour before as I can't run without eating early in the day.
As I was driving to the beach it began to rain, it was not cold though so I didn't cancel my training.
It got to 8am and nobody showed up, it seems like I must be made of sterner stuff, the other have decided to be fair weather runners.
I felt a little stiff this morning but once I ran through some warm up drills I was fine.
I took the run nice and easy and once again just concentrated on keeping the compact, efficient movements and visualising the load shifting from leg to leg.
After the run I waded in the water to stop any stiffness build-up in the lower legs.

The barefoot miles are starting to accumulate now.
Maybe I should have a celebration when I get to the 1000km mark.


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