Saturday, October 17, 2009

Distance 4km [Totals minimal 4km: barefoot 0]

Second week of trialling the VFF's.
Moving a bit quicker than the recommended slow break-in period, tried the shoes on the running machine at the gym.
Isn't it funny how when you ask people how to they would run in bare feet they just answer as if it is the simplest thing to do.
I actually think we all carry the memories of running without shoes from our childhood without realising that 30 or so years later our feet have forgotten how work correctly.

I started off by walking at a slow pace then increasing it as I warmed up, wow my calves began to burn. I increased my speed to a slow jog then faster.
Your feet land differently in these shoes but I was also forcing them to land differently by emphasising forefoot landing. This was probably a mistake.

It put a strain on the Achilles Tendon as it was taking all the weight as I avoided letting my heel touch the ground, believing that running on the toes/forefoot was the right method.
I stopped after a couple of km.
I realised that I was going to have to learn how to run again, like a beginner.

After a couple of days rest made the decision to take the VFF's to the beach for a 4km run.
Again, ran with the same toes/forefoot style and after 2km the Achilles was complaining once again.
Had a brief walk to recover then set off again with the soreness coming back to the tendon.
I left the beach frustrated and confused about what the problem was.

The next few days I spent limping around at work with a tender tendon, there is nothing worse than tendon pain, even as you try to force yourself into walking as normally as possible the pain reigns you back in.

Back to resting for a few days along with the strengthening exercises for the tendon. That worked very well and three days later the pain was gone.


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