Monday, October 19, 2009

More Bans!

Distance 0km [total minimalist 4km: Barefoot 4km]

Saturday went to the gym to do a bit of treadmill work and some leg strength on the machines as well as some more general training.

While leaving the gym I get gently pulled aside by one of the trainer and she looks at the VFF's and says "I don't think you can wear those in the gym, OH&S rules" What the hell is going one with these stupid people.

I should have asked for the test results to see how the standard soft topped trainers that are worn in gyms fare when a weight is dropped from a meter on their toe.
Somehow I don't think the results would be that glowing either.

Surely it my own responsibility if I hurt myself while wearing thin shoes, as opposed to say a wire snapping on a piece of gym equipment and it injuring me, in that case they gym would be at fault.

I wonder when I will get banned from the supermarket.


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