Monday, October 26, 2009

Close call

Distance 5km [total: minimalist 11km: Barefoot 19km]

After a day stuck behind the desk it was good to get back home, get the work shoes off and back to feet on the ground.
It was a sunny evening so went for a shoeless run along the beach.
The tide was way out and there was one of the strong southerly winds blowing up the beach, the ones that are common at this time of year in Adelaide.

Running into it is hard work and with the tide right out there were many banks of exposed ground shells.
My feet are getting better at running over the sharp pieces but after about 4km they do tend to get a bit sore so running in the water cools them off.
I managed about 5km today, didn't want to push too quickly into running barefoot so will keep the distances short.

On the way back, running along the road, even got a cheer a runner going in the opposite direction shout "go on barefoot, you can do it".
I was following a white line down the road as the paint made the road slightly less rough.
100m from the end I almost came unstuck, I glanced broken glass just ahead luckily jumped the right way, if I'd gone the other way I would have been in a glass minefield. The road was littered with broken glass, probably done by the local youth with brains like amoebas.

Feet felt sore by the time I got back, I had a thorough check to make sure I had no glass embedded in the feet, seems ok.
I cleaned them up and put antiseptic cream on all the small abrasions, feel fine now.


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