Sunday, June 1, 2014

Winter arrives

Distance 35.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6324.1km] Week23

Monday, May. 10km

A wet run today. It had been raining off and on all day but had stopped in the afternoon. I make my mind up about a run at the last minute, if it starts to rain before I leave the house I'll have a day off. If I'm in my car driving to my running spot and it starts to rain I'll not turn back. This is what it did today, I had the wipers on as I was parking up. I started running in the light rain and as I ran it got heavier. It was still an enjoyable run, I know now to avoid any slippery surfaces to avoid the aqua-planing and landing on my backside and becoming a spectacle. It got dark quickly as the sun was obscured behind thick cloud so I ran back in the dark and wet. I cooled down by walking a half kilometre back to the car from the cafe, it felt great splooshing through the puddles on the way back. My feet were nice and clean when I got back.

Thursday, 29-May. 10km

In contrast to Monday, the weather today was warm, bright and sunny and halfway around my run I was treated to the view of the magnified sun sinking in the west. Funny how I always take care not to stand on the ants as I run as I don't want to squash them as they are going about their business. I notice much more what is happening on the ground in front of me, whether its a stone, glass, ant or beetle. I've also noticed that the birds don't fly off to the same extend they just move to one side as I pass, probably because I am quiet as I run.

Saturday, 31-May. 7km

I was greeted by a grey damp morning and as I drove to the beach it began to rain. Still I tried to be enthusiastic, the tide was out after all and there was a big beach to run on. 
As I ran the rain came down steadily so by 3km I was soaked. I decided that I'd had enough and I'd turn around as I came on the river. I ran back along the pavement in the rain. I managed to get into a bit of race with another runner that I caught and passed, it was a slap in the face to be passed by a guy with no shoes. I didn't look around but I was aware of footsteps behind as he tried to catch me, so I just had to keep piling on a bit more speed until I shook him off. By the time I hit the Grange cafe he was around 20m behind. It was good to have a bit of a chase.

Sunday, 1-May. 8.2km

Today I switched around my pattern of run then gym so that I can let the morning warm up a little before the run.
I did a gym session which included some light leg work and some chest exercises. I was in there for around 75 minutes. I drove to the lake and the sun was out and it was a nice still morning, a few dark clouds in the distance but no rain and the pavements were dry. I started off slow and easy and finished fast over the last kilometre. I felt strong all the way around, aware I was running a bit too fast for a easy session. They have a seated calf raise machine at the gym which is one I prefer using rather than the standing calf raise, it engages the different muscle in the lower leg.  


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