Monday, June 9, 2014

First week of Winter

Distance 43.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6367.3km] Week24

Monday, 2 Jun. 10km

My usual after work run in ever diminishing light. The sun is up for around 20 minutes before the evening chill creeps over the land. Only another 3 weeks before we pass the shortest day an then minute by minute we get later sunsets once more. I don't have the same fear of the cold pavements when I would lose the feeling in my soles. I know I'm running correctly and my feet are fine.

Wednesday, 4 Jun. 10km,
I took the day off work today in the idea that I was going to be meeting the council about my house plans that they wont pass. It was called off. So I went for a run to ease my frustrations at the stupidity of these people that can get into positions of power and act like petty dictators.
It is nice to run when when I would normally be sat behind a desk working all day. All the retired people and other non working types are out and about enjoying the sunny weather. I did some beach running then up onto the beach pathway when I reached the river outlet.
River Torrens Estuary at West Beach on my running route 

Saturday, 7 Jun. 15km

A pleasant warm sunny Saturday morning. I'm starting my runs a little later now that winter is here to give some time for the air to warm up and the night chill to dissipate. The sand was cool but not numbingly cold. The tide was heading in and it was too soft after about 3km of running, well trodden from the horses that train on the beach. I headed off beach and around my new route along the suburban streets and over the footbridge into the posh suburbs of Delfin Island where the well heeled give strange looks to the no heeled.
As I was passing under the West Lakes Boulevard, following the lake path I came across 2 young girls puffing away on cigarettes under the bridge. I went past then though I should make an effort to put them off so I went back and tried to give a talk that wasn't a lecture about my brother who I lost earlier this year. Maybe it might stick, even if it doesn't, trying is better than not.

Sunday, 8-June, 8.2km

First it was to the gym this morning after a late start due to a late night that saw me getting home at 1am this morning. A birthday get together on a chilly night around a brazier with a roaring fire within. It has been an age since I have spent time staring into the flames of a fire, it brings back memories of when I was younger and the fires we would sit around it the local woods. 
I got out for my run around the lake after a short gym session at around 11.30am. I managed to shake off a tight head left over from a couple of beers last night.  I started off slow then got faster as I got further around and ended with a good sprint effort over the last 500m


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