Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stormy Week

Distance 25.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6466.9km] Week26 (23rd-29th Jun)

Running days: Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.
Distances: 10km, 7km, 8.2km.

Weekly report.

A low kilometre week as the cold wet weather headed in from the south. Monday is a usual running day but it was raining heavily for most of the day so I abandoned any running attempts.
Wednesday was interesting, it was a blustery day with rain off and on. I was going to have another day off if the ground was wet but when I got out of work I found it dry in the west.
It also wasn't too cold so I opted for T-shirt and shorts. I could see dark clouds in the west over the ocean but nothing that looked like it was going to suddenly rain. I made it down to the half way point and began the journey back. I noticed how much closer the dark clouds had come and how the west wind was picking up. It was a race against the rain now, I was 4km from my car as I felt the first spots of rain. Within 500m it was a full on squall hitting me, 50kmh winds and heavy torrential rain. The rain smashed down on the concrete sprayed back up making a mist that I could only see around 20m ahead. The cars all had their headlights on an wipers moving rapidly clearing the windscreens. I must have had a runners high splashing around in bare feet, completely soaked, I was relaxed in this weather as I knew in 30 minutes I would be under a warm shower. The rain lasted no more than 15minutes and had cleared by the time I got to the cafe at Grange.
We had rain for most of the week, I ran a short distance on Saturday. It was very cold at 11C and very windy. I ran down the beach then back along the concrete footpath. It was cold underfoot and my feet started to lose sensation. It felt better running on the concrete than the brick due to the smoothness of the concrete. I got into a race with a woman in the last 400m, she didn't look like she was running that fast but she did my trick in speeding up to see if she could shake me off. I kept speeding up but couldn't catch up at the end.
Sunday run was good, the winds had eased and the rain stopped. I did some strength work at the gym first then my 8.2km lake run. The sun shone and I could feel a small amount of warmth in the ground. This was a great run, I felt energetic and bouncy along the way.


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