Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shortest Day

Distance 74.4km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6441.7km] Week24

Monday, 9-Jun. 10km

Nice sunny days with cold nights. The warmth doesn't hang around long as I get out of work as early as I can to make the most of the available light.
My usual 10km out and back, Grange to West Beach. Not many people around now, most have hung up their runners for the season, waiting for the warmer weather.

Wednesday, 11-Jun. 10km

Another beautiful sunset to watch as I get to the halfway point and spend a minute to breath in and watch the sea crashing against the rocks. Not as many runners out at this time of year, mainly they will switch to the gym and the treadmill for the winter, not as many will stay out in the elements. Coming from England, the winter weather is mild in comparison but I still prefer running in the warm weather.
I'm quite confident running with bare feet in the dark, they feel their way now without me having to worry.

Saturday, 14-Jun. 6km 

Meeting of the small group of Adelaide barefoot runners for a run around the river in the centre of the city.
As we are in winter now we meet at 10.30am to give the ground a bit of time to warm up. It has been wet overnight and it was cool now but bright. The ground felt cold underfoot and the feet felt sensitive in the wet while running on the bitumen, it was much better running on the grass.
We did a loop around the soccer fields and the river paths going past the Botanic Gardens.
After the run we sat in the local deli enjoying a hot mug of coffee, chatting at catching up on news over the previous month.

Sunday. 15-Jun. 8.2km 

Another wet morning as I headed off to the gym for an early workout, the wipers were moving steadily to clear the windscreen.
When I finished the gym the rain had eased but began to drizzle as I began running around the lake. It stopped shortly after I began running. Another runner passed me but I resisted the temptation to chase as I was just warming up, I think I would have been outclassed anyway. The ground was wet most of the way around but it wasn't cold enough to make my feet numb. It was a good run.

Monday, 16-Jun. 10km

A wet day for my 10km today, surfaces were wet so care was taken on those non porous surfaces that become like ice underfoot. I was going to have a rest today but I got a burst of enthusiasm as I got home and went out anyway. A good run with a bit of a sprint at the end as I neared the cafe at the end of the run. I don't feel the cold on  my feet anymore, just like most animals can walk around without worrying about the cold.

Wednesday, 18-Jun. 10km

Much better weather today, a nice day during daylight hours but cooled down quickly in the late afternoon. I ran the last 2km back along the beach in close to darkness. I had to keep focused on the ground in front of me to see if I was going to step into a hole. One or two figures of the last people walking along the beach would appear as dark shadows in the distance. The sand wasn't cold so I had feeling in my feet. 

Saturday, 21-Jun. 12km 

The shortest day and the start of the winter proper. It took a lot to get me going today. It looked a bit grey outside. I struggled out of bed by 9.15am after a great nights sleep. I decided to run without breakfast as it would make me too late. 
It was a mild morning, the tide was on it's turn from the high point leaving a meter of wet sand to run on. There was a lot of sea grass washed up onto the beach and care had to be taken as the sand would give way beneath the feet where the sand had covered the sea grass. Not the most inspired run, I felt a bit weak, especially on the return leg when I felt almost like I was shuffling.

Sunday, 22-Jun. 8.2km

An early trip to the gym to do some weights before the noisy fitness classes start upstairs. I did some chest, calves, presses and arms followed by some cool down using the foam roller.
I had arranged to go on a run with Michael today at 10.30am. It was pretty chilly by the time I got to the lake, a cold northerly wind was blowing and the ground was cold. After a kilometre I warmed up and we chatted about a book called The Primal Blueprint which I'm reading at the moment. It was a good run that went by quickly due to some conversation.
I'll have to make it a regular run to show that there is more than one barefoot runner in the west.


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