Sunday, May 25, 2014

Warm Week 2

Distance 35km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6288.9km] Week22

Monday, 19-May. 10km
More sunny weather, a warm day with cool nights are ideal. Perfect running weather as the summer winds have all but stopped. It's so good to get the bare feet on the ground after my poor feet being stuffed into shoes all day as I sit behind a computer in the office. A great run today, I felt light and bouncy on my feet. I watched the sun sinking into the sea then turning into an orange glow as I ran back towards Henley Beach. The darkness seems to come soon after. As I do my walking cool down back to the car it is dark and the streetlamps are on.

Wednesday, 21-May. 10km
A warm day of 26C today, very unusual for this time of year. My body has been readying itself for winter and here I am having to cope with warm summer like temperatures. I am back to having only the first 30 minutes of my run in sunlight, then it sinks below the horizon and the dusk creeps in. I like to run this course at this time of year as I get the most sunlight, other runs would leave me in the shade much earlier. I struggled a little when a runner threw down the gauntlet by passing me, I gave chase but as I was at the end of my run I was a little tired. I think I could have caught him but he turned off, probably to get away and have a breather without me passing him. He gave me my speed session for the run, it's easy to run at a steady pace, a change to high tempo when chasing is a good test.

Saturday, 24-May. 15km

The weather has just been fantastic, unusually fantastic, much warmer than one would normally expect for this time of year. I got down to the beach at 8.20am and could feel the warmth from the sun as if it were a summers day.
I set of at a slow light pace. The beach wasn't the best running surface today, it was soft and lots of shells washed up by the tide, the tide was advancing so if I came back this way it would be pushing me up the beach camber.
I decided to turn off and run the course I did a few weeks ago that took me around the sports fields in Semaphore Park then over the footbridge onto Delfin Island, a loop of there then over the footbridge on the other side.
While running on the footpath near the golf course I was almost floored by a stray golf ball that came out of nowhere, bounced around 2m in front of me then was almost in my face but I moved to the side just in time.
That would have made an interesting news story headline.  

Unconscious Barefoot Runner Found in Street, only clue, a dent in the forehead with the words Dunlop in mirrored text.

The rest of the run was uneventful except for a bit of a race with another runner I passed on the lake path. I think he nearly had a heart attack trying to catch me at the end.
A great run.

Sunday, 25-May

No run today as I had my first go at MovNat. It is going to be a learning curve just as it was with barefoot running. I thought my balance would be good but without technique it was awful. Even the basics like crawling were very tricky when you have to get the breathing correct. I'll shall have to practice some of these things over the next few weeks.


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