Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 27 - 35.2km

Distance 35.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6502.1km] Week27 (30 Jun - 6 Jul)

Running days: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday.
Distances: 10km, 10km, 7km, 8.2km.

The weather was better this week, sunny days and cold clear nights. There was a forecast of rain for later in the week so I got my weekly runs in early before it headed in on the Friday.
The Monday and Wednesday run were the Grange to West Beach course along the Esplanade. The high tides and stormy weather of last week had washed grit and stones up onto the path at the West Beach end so I diverted along the top path as there seemed little point dodging and weaving on the lower path until they have cleaned it off again.
Rain came on Friday and Saturday morning was wet. It was a late run on Saturday as I did a detour to check out an organic market only to find it had moved location, I then headed to the beach and it began to pour with rain pushed along with a cold blowing wind. I headed back.
Then at 11.30am, I found the new location of the organic market and set out again, when I got there it was a bit of a forlorn affair, the weather must have reduced the stalls to just six, only one veggie stall with not the best looking selection.
I went back to car and decided to head to the beach again and run. I parked up in the same spot as before but was greeted with a few rays of warm sunshine. I did a short 7km as the next bout of rain was not far away. I ran along the beach then back along the road.

Sunday I met up with David and Cathy. David ran the 8.2km with me. I made it a bit more interesting by adding some sprint stretches along the way, around five spots where I said I wanted all out sprint effort. He did quite well, I was out of practice as well and felt like I was puffing away at the end of the sprint leg. It is really exhilarating to run fast in bare feet, you can feel the light springiness in the legs as you just touch the ground.

During the week I helped one of the Uni students who required some test subjects for a Phd thesis that was testing the effects of long term exercise on heart rhythms. I had to wear a cardio recorder for 24 hours to see if I have any irregular heartbeats. In another couple of weeks I have to get a scan of the heart to measure volume.


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