Tuesday, May 6, 2014

IBRD 2014

Distance 20km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6175.2km] Week19

Monday, 28-Apr. 10km

An opportunity to get out on what I an certain will be the last of the warm days before the winter chill envelops Adelaide for the next few months. Today we got close to 30C for a short time. By the time I gout out of work and to the beach the temperature would have dropped to around 22C but it still felt good.
The warmth in the pavement feels pleasant under my feet as I do my out and back course from Grange to West Beach. My back has been sore for most of the day but the running seems to help it. I start slowly at first so not to have too much twisting motion in my low back but once I get the gently running rhythm going I can gradually increase my speed. Cold weather is heading in later in the week

Saturday, 3-May. 6km

What a contrast to earlier in the week. Since Monday the weather changed, the rain has come in and the cold wind from the south is blowing. Rain poured down on Wednesday and Friday and it eased off on the Saturday but the winds were blowing strongly from the south.
It was cold then it began to rain so I decided to cut the run a bit shorter and head back.
My back is feeling slightly better and I have not taken any pain tablets for 2 days.

Sunday, 4-May. 4km

The International Barefoot Running Day 2014 saw our small group gather at the Grange Jetty on the Sunday morning.
Earlier in the week I had the fears the run would be a washout similar to what we experienced around 4 years ago, May can be a fickle time of year when it comes to weather.
As it happened the run was sandwiched between two days of inclement weather. At the end of the week and up to Saturday it was cold, wet and windy. Sunday was calm and sunny then the rain returned for Monday, good fortune indeed.
Our small group of myself, Cathy, David and Michael was this year joined by Zac Cook who is a certified MovNat trainer.
Our run was a short 4km out along the pavement from Grange to Henley Beach then returning along the beach.
It felt good to be running in a small pack as we passed plenty of other runners coming the other way.
As we were all experienced at barefoot running there were no issues of correct technique as we silently padded along the path.
I am looking forward to taking part in Zac's MovNat training in the future as I believe it will be a good complement to barefoot running.

After the run it was time to head to the local cafe for some coffees and breakfast.
IBRD 2014 - Zac, Michael, David, Cathy

IBRD 2014 - Zac, Michael, David, Neil


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