Sunday, May 18, 2014

Warm week

Distance 43.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6253.9km] Week21

Monday, 12-May. 10km

A bit of clock watching at work and as soon as it turned 4pm the computer was off and I was on my way to the car and home the out to see the sunset.
A perfect Autumn day 21C, calm and sunny and it looks like it is only going to get better as we move through the week.  

Wednesday, 14-May. 10km

After another sedentary day at work, glued to a chair, 4pm and I was free to fly like a bird out of a cage. The weather has been perfect, warm and sunny 24C, no breeze. When I think back over the summer there has been very few days like this, usually there is a strong sea breeze by the afternoon or else a northerly wind of change blowing. Now with the shorter days and cooler weather the breezes have eased. 
An excellent run today, everything felt good and in balance. I had a good fast pace, shaking off all the lethargy from a desk-bound day. I will sleep well tonight. 

Saturday, 17-May. 15.5km

The long beach run I didn't do last week went a bit better this time as I had plenty of flat sand to run on as the did was at it's low point. My calf was a bit achy this morning and I'm wondering if it is due to the ultrasound I have been using on it. It was hardly noticeable a few weeks ago then I started giving the tendon a few treatments and it seems to have caused it to be a bit sore, maybe the combination of running and the treatment is the problem. I'll stop using it and see how I feel.
When I got to the jetty at Semaphore there was a small protest on against BP drilling for oil off the coast, three mermaids in oil drums covered in oil to highlight the issue. I did get chatting to a bloke who had a model of a solar thermal power plant set up and we were asking the question, what is the problem with Australia, why are we going backwards when it comes to energy.
I then had to set off back to run the 7.5km back to Henley, I felt pretty tired by the time I got back, too much sun.

Sunday, 18-May. 8.2km

A nice sunny morning to head to the lake. Feeling a bit sleepy though and also still tired from yesterdays run. I felt a bit laboured today and stopped several times to have a bit of a catch my breath break. I didn't have the best of sleep last night, neighbourhood hoons revving engines in the early morning to keep me awake. The neighbour went out to threaten them with a bit of a thumping then they drove off, I was vaguely aware of this from a half asleep state. After the run I did some warm down moves on the grass, while doing this I got chatting to a fellow runner who said he had seen me on several occasions running without shoes and was interested. I gave him my history and it turned out that I ran with a group of runners back in the 1990's and he was part of that group but a bit later on. They are still running all these years later. I told him if he ever wanted to give barefoot running a try he should just contact me.


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