Monday, May 12, 2014

Darker evenings again

Distance 35.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6210.7km] Week20

Monday, 5-May. 10km

The back problems are easing off now after giving me a warning to watch the exercises I do at the gym. So, along with no squatting with weight, no heavy shoulder presses I have to add no ab twists with weights. Soon I shall be at the point where there is no point visiting the gym at all.
The run was good, the pavement was quite cold, not much warmth captured today. I have to stick to the roads as the tide is high and sand too soft to run on without taking an age to get anywhere

Wednesday, 7-May. 10km

The early morning rain had eased by midday and the roads and paths dried out fairly quickly. I did my usual 10km with the last 2km being a faster beach run. It was quite dark by the time I got back and the chill has started to descend over the beach as I had a cool down walk back to the car. Soon it will be too dark to run around the streets and river and I;ll have to stick to the well lit pathways. The pavement was cool but not cold. It will get colder in the next few months.

Saturday, 10-May. 15.2km

Funny how sometimes when you start a run you feel ok then get a few kilometres in then feel like giving up because it is all too hard. It is then when you need to disrupt a routine pattern that is driving you into a rut. My rut this time was a run that I would do between jetties on Saturday of around 14km.
Today I was running into a breeze, the sand was soft and torn up by vehicles, horses and people so was very uneven and hard to run on. I ran around 4km then just stopped to catch my breath, it was then I thought this is not feeling as I would have hoped, maybe I should just quit and run back. Luckily I decided to divert and run a different route, I wasn't sure where Just get off the beach the voice told me. I ran along the backs of the houses by the beach then turned into some backstreets of Semaphore Park passing the very busy sports day meetings going on. I thought of a route that took me over a footbridge and onto Delfin Island which was calm and tranquil, no wind and sand to contend with. I did a loop of the island then back along the lake and covered a distance of over 15km and enjoyed it. More variety is needed.

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