Sunday, April 27, 2014

Back injury

Distance 19.2km [total: minimalist 329.1km: Barefoot 6155.2km] Week18

21-Apr. 4km

Easter Monday and I'm still moving around like a person beyond his years. It seems worse after a nights sleep because the discs fill with fluid and apply more pressure to the nerve causing pain. Once I'm upright and moving around it is better. 
I managed to get out for a short run along the beach, staying on the soft surface so not to put any more pressure on it. I felt ok once I started running, I could have run further but I limited my run to the 4km just to see if my back sent me a message later on telling me I'm being stupid by exercising too soon after an injury.

25-Apr. 7km

I ran out of pain tablets early in the week so have been going without them. The back is still sore, always worse in the morning but improves through the day. Friday was ANZAC day, a public holiday. The weather is beautiful and so I had to head to the beach for a run and chance it. It takes a few minutes for me to get comfortable as I start to run, I start with small steps then as I begin to relax I can start to run at a more normal pace. I ran down the beach with the wind behind me then came up onto the concrete footpath to run back. There is no jarring with barefoot running, just soft gentle landing so there were no shock waves going up and down my spine. I felt quite good after the run. 

27-Apr. 8.2km

A cold morning, only around 10C early on, slightly warmer by the time I got to the lake for my circuit. A northerly wind was blowing but there was no warmth in it like there would be in Summer. The concrete was cold. I've been taking 2 pain tablets over a 24 hour period and they are doing a great job. I can bend down, lean over without pain. The run went well. Not much warmth on the ground to warm my feet.
Next Sunday it is International Barefoot Running Day.


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