Monday, October 3, 2011

Sore calves for week

Distance 10km [total: minimalist 256.3km: Barefoot 1839.7km] Week 39

Monday,  26-Sep. 4km
A shocker or a run today due to calves being very sore after a gym session on Sunday. It was a beach run and I didn't feel very fluid at all, my legs were achy and stiff and I didn't feel like I was running correctly. The sand was soft as well which didn't help matters, I had to run along the tide line to get a bit of firm sand.
I didn't even bother completing the run back to the first jetty, sometimes you know when to call it quits.

Tuesday, 27-Sep. 6km
Calves still sore, not much improvement from yesterday, in fact maybe slightly worse. I headed to the beach again as it was going to be the last of the good weather for the week, the rest of the week would be cold, wet and blustery.
I have a bit of a pain in my right ankle that I still haven't got to the bottom of. I can run on it but I think I may have a swollen tendon or maybe even a small tear. It is more around the inside of the ankle, not at the back. I could still run 6km on the concrete without problem but I don't feel I have the speed. It was a warm afternoon which also took a bit of getting used to.
I'll take it easy for the rest of the week as the weather is going to be very wintery and get back to it on the Saturday.


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