Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ankle injury

Distance 14.5km [total: minimalist 256.3km: Barefoot 1854.2km] Week 40

Sunday, 2-Oct. 14.5km
The weather had been pretty awful for must of the week and yesterday which is usually my long run day it was very windy and cold, along with that I still have some ankle problem and I had to be out of the house early for a get together to watch the football finals. So I delayed my run until today.
The weather today was perfect in comparison. Clear blue sky nice flat beach, perfect running weather.
I wanted to test my ankle out after resting it for a few days, but I was disappointed when the pain returned shortly after setting off. It eased off as I continued to run but it was still in the background.
On the way back I got into a bit of a race with a younger guy who was running with his dog. I had just started out on my return run along the foreshore when I heard this guy running behind me, he overtook which I don't mind, but then moved right in front of me, this irritated me. So I relaxed and increased my pace and overtook on the other side I stayed well in front for a kilometre. I made one mistake, I couldn't hear any footsteps so I glanced over my shoulder, he was about 10m behind. Looking back was a signal for him to catch me up and I hit some gravel patches which slowed me so he then got the edge. It didn't last long as about another 100m he stopped to give his gasping dog a drink. I carried on past and continued my run.
Despite carrying the ankle injury, I still did one of my best times for the course of 1:26:06.
My ankle swelled up later on even though I had a dip in the cold sea water after the run. I may have to have  a longer enforced rest until it clears up. I have applied ice wraps and a compression bandage.


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