Sunday, September 25, 2011

Back into it

Distance 29.5km [total: minimalist 256.3km: Barefoot 1829.7km] Week 38

Tuesday, 20-Sep. 10km
My last day of holiday before I start back at work tomorrow. An opportunity to get out for a run in perfect weather.
I had to see how my feet would hold up after over a month of running in the Vibrams. I set off for my run at 11.30am, the tide was far out and there was lots of flat sand to run on. I began by running on the beach then switched onto the pavement close to Henley Beach. I hadn't forgotten how to run barefoot, it came back instantly. The only problem I was suffering from was an injury caused by doing some leg extension exercises at the gym. The Lateral Collateral Ligament that stabilizes the knee cap on my left leg has always been problematic. It was a bit swollen and painful to bend the leg, running was no problem though, the pain disappeared. It reappeared later that day so that I had to wrap a bandage around the knee.
I ran 3.5km on the road before turning around and running another 2.5km back then heading back to the beach again as my soles were getting a little tender. Time 55:33m

Wednesday, 21-Sep. 5km
A short faster run this evening. My calves are sore today, caused by the change back from wearing a minimalist shoe to barefoot. It seems that you need more calf strength when barefoot than even wearing thin shoes. I could still run and even got in a bit of a race with 3 lads on the way to Henley jetty. I am learning more and more that the key to good running is the level of relaxation you can get to, you don't want adrenaline to pump around as all it will do is mess up your breathing, heart rate and muscles flexibility.
I took it nice an easy on the return leg and was surprised to see I ran jetty to jetty in 9:47m one of my faster times, as I said relaxation is the key.

Saturday, 24-Sep. 14.5km
A cool Saturday morning for my long run. The sun was out so I did put some sunblock on my face as I would be out for 90minutes.
The run from Jetty to jetty was one of my fastest to date at around 40minutes. A bit of tenderness in my feet as they re-adapt to being barefoot, the calves also are still recovering from the run earlier in the week.
The sand and roads are now gaining a bit of warmth as we head into spring time, I didn't have the numb feeling underfoot.
The return journey back to Grange was a bit slower on the grass and trails. I stepped on a few spiky seed cases of some of the plants along the trail, that made me jump a bit. I also came across a Stumpy lizard which I just had to pick up, it was around 20cm long and seemed quite happy in my hands as long as I kept stroking him on the head, I released him back into the bush where he darted into the safety of the undergrowth.
I'll see if I can step my distance up to 40km per week in the next few weeks.


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