Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winter tempearture I can handle

Distance 41.5km [total: minimalist 136.5km: Barefoot 1749.7km] Week 30

Wednesday, 27-Jul. 10km. 
Now this is more like the winters day I like, sunny for most of the day and a high of 20C, superb.
I did my standard 10km run and it was warm enough to feel the ground and get good feedback. I think I may have pushed it a bit much as my feet were a little tender later that evening. I was concentrating more on speed that form and that may have led to a bit more wearing of the pads due to the abrasive surface.
I really should slow down a bit and get the light quick foot touch and let the speed come on its own rather than force and by racing against the clock. Time 56:04m

Saturday, 30-Jul. 14.5km. 
Friday marked a very wet end to the working week. I'd decided on a gym workout rather than a run and it seems like it was a good decision as I looked out of the window to the rain bouncing off the road. I fell asleep that night to the sound of the rain. I seem to remember waking in the night and hearing rain. By morning it had stopped but there was plenty of water around on the roads and pavements. After a brief shopping trip I got to Grange jetty by around 9.30am, I wasn't feeling the best having woken up with a sore throat. I set off up the beach, the sand cold under foot. The sun began to burn away the cloud to the east and by the time I got to Semaphore jetty the weather had lifted my spirits.
I ran back along the road and trail and by the time I broke back onto the beach with about 2km to go it was a beautiful day. The sand reflecting the sun and now feeling warmer to run on. I added a burst of speed in the last kilometre. Time 1:25:43.

Sunday, 31-Jul. 17km. 
Once again, woke with a sore throat and feeling that I'm on the verge of coming down with a cold. I had an appointment to keep though for a run with Peter.
The day was bright and sunny so that inspired me. It had been down to around 6C overnight but must have been double that by the time I parked the car at Grange. The idea this time was to do the complete run to Glenelg and back that we didn't manage last week due to the bad weather.
It took me a while to warm up, the virus making my breathing a bit more laboured. The ground underfoot was cold as it was in the shadows cast by the 2 storey houses along the beach road. I looked forward to run on the opposite side where the sun had reached and added a bit of warmth.
Sunday seems to be the day that the majority of runners get out to do their runs. No barefoot runners were spotted. I began to get the spring back into my step after 3km. My feet were getting a bit sensitive on the path near the West Beach boat ramp, the brick pavers with the worn down surface exposing the sharp crystalline material they are built from. I made it to Glenelg , right through a big area of broken glass that I navigated through. After a few minutes rest we set off back to Grange. I was starting to tire at around 16km and the pavement was pressing into my feet. We switched to the beach for the remainder of the run.
I was quite happy with the effort, recording a time of 1:35:53.
Would a time of under 2 hours for the 21km be possible by Christmas, I think so.


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