Monday, July 18, 2011

Longest hard surface run.

Distance 25.8km [total: minimalist 136.5km: Barefoot 1662.7km] Week 28

Thursday, 14-Jul. 10km.
The days are gradually getting lighter, 10 minutes of extra light from the shortest day. All this means I don't have to rush to get out as early so that I am not running in the dark.
The sun had been out during the afternoon and so there was a little residual warmth in the ground as I ran out to West Beach. That warm had gone by the time I made my way back. I recorded a time of 56:39m which was one of the better times I have managed. By summer I should have that down to the low 50's.

Sunday, 17-Jul. 15.8km. 
The plan today was for a run with Peter at 9am. I woke at 7.00am to the sound of heavy rain outside. Well, it may stop by 9am, I had breakfast and an hour later it was still raining and didn't look like it would stop any time soon. We called off our run.
I went to the gym and had a workout instead, working on chest and arms. The rain had stopped by the time I got out but it was still grey and cold outside.
By mid afternoon the clouds blew away and the sun came out and brought some warmth. I went to the beach and planned to run my usual road 10km then, if I felt good extend it further. I felt fine by the time I got to the caravan park so carried on towards Glenelg. In the end I ran all the way to Glenelg, a distance of 7.8km. I felt a little tired as I got to the 12km mark, the feet were cold and I didn't feel as smooth in my running form.
This would have been the longest distance I've run entirely on the roads. I did a foot check after getting cleaned up and my feet were fine, my form must have been good, no blisters or scrapes.


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