Saturday, July 2, 2011

Running in the rain

Distance 37km [total: minimalist 136.5km: Barefoot 1603.4km] Week 26

Monday, 27-Jun. 10km.
My usual road run for the evening. They day had been sunny and there was some residual warmth in the pavements while the sun was still up. The ground temperature seemed to drop once the sun fell below the horizon. I actually think it may be more due to the length of the run and the feet not being able to get enough blood down to then to heat them up rather than a sudden drop in surface temperature.
I must have been a bit heavy on my landing tonight as I had a bit of wear on the big toe on the left leg and pads on the right foot. I did do a good time so that probably added to the wear. You have to keep your form better the faster you want to move.
I'll rest up now until the weekend.

Friday, 1-Jul. 10km. 
An unseasonal warm winter day, 22C it got to today, fantastic. I was itching to get out of work early, for 3 reasons, one was the weather, second, I was feeling a bit stressed and third I had a headache. Running is the best medicine for stress and headaches, within 4km I was fine, at peace again.
With the warm weather the path surfaces were a few degrees warmer that I have had over the past month and I got no numbness in my feet, oh joy.
It was still dark when I finished my run. I will be glad for the extra daylight over the next few weeks. I will be able to see the ground again and not be as tense in my landing because my feet are searching for the ground.

Saturday, 2-Jul. 7km.
I woke to the sound of rain on the metal verandah. Rain had been forecast today and it sure had arrived overnight. Yesterdays warm weather has been chased away, replaced by more normal winter weather. Well, no point crying off, if you are a barefoot runner rain should be no impediment. I should feel more sorry for the people in shoes with soaked feet and squishing socks. I set off at 9.30am in pouring rain, only a short run today, I wasn't going to run 14km in a downpour.
I ran 3.5km along the road and through puddles but my feet managed to stay warm. I turned onto the beach to run back. The rain eased off for the return journey as I made my way up the deserted beach. As I was leaving the beach the rain returned, much harder now. I was pretty much drenched by the time I got in the car.

Sunday, 3-Jul. 10km
I had a call from a friend of mine early this morning, asking if I fancied going out for a run. I had just planed a workout day at the gym today, but, how could I resist.
It had been a chilly and wet night but the sky had now cleared but there was a strong northerly wind blowing.
I met up with Peter and 9am at Grange Jetty and we agreed on a short 7km run to the river and back. The ground felt cold underfoot as it was wet, the wetness conducts the heat out of your feet much faster than on cold dry ground.
There were lots of runners out this morning, far more than I usually see on a Saturday running the same course. I couldn't convince Peter to ditch his shoes, not even his orthotics. It's so good not to have to lug around and extra kilogram of weight on my feet. We ran back along the beach and straight into the wind which was quite strong by now. The sand was cold but manageable.
An enjoyable run that we will repeat on a regular basis.
After getting home I got changed and then did a workout at the gym for and hour, the afternoon was a relaxed recovery of just reading.
The early part of the week was very wintery, heavy rain on most days so I went to the gym instead.
I did run 3km on the treadmill, now that my form is better I find the running easier. The only problem was that the air conditioning was off and by the time I stepped off the treadmill my t-shirt was soaked in sweat, not only that but I just couldn't stop sweating, it was embarrassing.


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