Sunday, November 28, 2010

River run

Distance 8km [total: minimalist 132km: Barefoot 683km]

Sunday is here and it is still blowing outside so a run along the beach would be a battle with the wind in one direction and swept along going back.

For a change I decided to put a bit of variety in my routes and so drove a short distance to the river, about 4km from where it empties into the sea.
I parked the car at about 8am then set off. It took a while for my feet to wake up and to find the correct amount of pressure to land on the path with.

There were some nice smooth patches of bitumen along the river path then that would change to older rough surface that would was a bit more painful on the feet. I completed the 8km round trip in just over 50 minutes, not all that fast but my first priority was preserving the feet not speed.
I think I got a few curious looks along the way but no comments. I wore my compression gear as it was a bit chilly out when I started and I figured that it would also help the muscles if they got fatigued.
It would be good to get that 8km time down to 40 minutes and I think if I can get my feet more conditioned I can do it.
Only around 3 weeks now before the Christmas day race.


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